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Back pain, a common symptom

Back pain, a common symptom: Inventive salon at the Gstaad Golf Hotel.

Back pain also called “dorsalgia”, “lumbago”, “lumbago”, “kidney trouble”, “kidney turn” is a common ailment that reaches the region of the back located from the lower neck to the pelvis. The back corresponds to the vertebral column, from the cervical region to the lumbar region, yet “I have a back pain” or “I have a pain in the back” !!! There are common expressions that indicate pain Felt in the lumbar region.

Low back pain is very common: 80% of French people will have “back pain” at least once in their lives. This back pain heals spontaneously in more than 30% of cases. He can reoffend, without showing any greater gravity. Back pain is called “chronic” when it persists for more than three months.

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