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Hello to all our subscribers and practitioners.

SWISS BACK AGENCY: At the trade fair in Gstaad Switzerland.

Welcome to our home back therapy platform, created by Swiss Back Agency of Geneva (Switzerland).

Swiss Back Agency back therapy at home

Swiss Back Agency is a Swiss company composed of a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, chiropractor, masseurs, and physiotherapists, developers, web masters. We strive to find solutions, tailored to your needs, to prevent and resolve back pain. Do you want to become practitioners and be part of our team? Fill up our contact form provided for this purpose and let it guide you. Your mission will be to practise the back therapy with our device, the Vertebro, and a massage table, at the client’s home. Once registered and validated by our administration, you will receive an email and sms that will indicate the customer’s address where you will honor your therapy session.

Thank you for being part of our company, we are at your disposal for any question and information. Use the Contact page of our site.

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Taking care of your back

The Vertebro, a new back therapy device to re-align the displaced vertebrae.

You suffer from common back pain and you wish to do something to better manage your back problems. Or you do not have a bad back but you want to take care of it to avoid any problems.

The back is made for movement; He must move and work to be fit. More often than not, it is because it is too little or badly solicited that it is painful. To prevent back pain, it is therefore essential to maintain good overall physical condition by exercising.

During painful episodes, if it is a common rachialgia, it is necessary as far as possible to maintain normal activities of daily life or to resume them after a maximum of 5 days of rest in bed (unless otherwise indicated by the doctor ) To avoid stiffening the back and delaying healing. Example: get up, get dressed, go up and down stairs.photo-therapy-gstaad

Importance of health:

If back pain persists beyond 4 to 6 weeks, intermittent or recurrent, and if your doctor confirms the diagnosis of common backache, it is strongly recommended to perform physical exercises. Talk to your physiotherapist who will advise you on the most appropriate type of physical activity and then visit us to take back therapy sessions with our device (the Vertebro) by visiting our website www.swissbackagency.com. Welcome and we will give you the best advice on our home back therapy system.

It is advisable to begin with stretching, toning and relaxation exercises, and then consider endurance physical activity adapted to your possibilities (walking, swimming, cycling …).

Some simple exercises to stretch, tone and relax your back, the exercises proposed pursue several objectives:

• relax, relax your back, breathe;
• recover as quickly as possible and feel better;
• better manage your back pain;
• maintain the mobility of the back by alternating movements of relaxation (stretching) and toning (strengthening muscles).
It is best to ask a physiotherapist to show you how to do these exercises.

Some principles to remember:

Exercises should not cause intense pain (only tension when stretching).

They must be done slowly, without brutality, without jolts.

It is advisable to practice them regularly. Breathing must be free, calm and deep.

The exercises are repeated several times for 8 seconds, alternating with 7 seconds of rest.

Living a healthier life.

Stretching exercises:

Starting position: standing back to the wall, feet slightly detached from the wall. The body is not supported on the wall.
Movement: try to grow, to reach your maximum height, raising your arms as high as possible and pushing the top of the skull up, chin tucked in. Hold for 6 seconds, breathing normally, then rest for 6 seconds.

Starting position: standing, legs apart, arms outstretched, hands resting on furniture, back straight, weight of body distributed between hands and feet. Movement: keeping the back straight, back the buttocks and feet until the legs are at right angles to the trunk – arm alignment

Starting position: sitting on a buttock, on the front edge of a chair (or on the edge of a bench or table).

Movement: With your hand, fold the leg towards the buttock. Hold for 6 seconds, then release 6 seconds. Repeat 5 times the exercise then change sideways.

Note: It is essential to feel the stretching of the muscles on the front of the thigh.

Starting position: lying on the back with arms crossed. Movement: turn your head to the right, bend your right leg, take the right knee with your left hand and bring it to the floor on the left side. Hold for 6 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Make the movement in the other direction: turn
Head left, bend your left leg, take the left knee of your right hand and bring it to the right.


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Back pain, a common symptom

Back pain, a common symptom: Inventive salon at the Gstaad Golf Hotel.

Back pain also called “dorsalgia”, “lumbago”, “lumbago”, “kidney trouble”, “kidney turn” is a common ailment that reaches the region of the back located from the lower neck to the pelvis. The back corresponds to the vertebral column, from the cervical region to the lumbar region, yet “I have a back pain” or “I have a pain in the back” !!! There are common expressions that indicate pain Felt in the lumbar region.

Low back pain is very common: 80% of French people will have “back pain” at least once in their lives. This back pain heals spontaneously in more than 30% of cases. He can reoffend, without showing any greater gravity. Back pain is called “chronic” when it persists for more than three months.

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Video of our back therapy device, and (Vertebra)

Fashion Employment:

The practitioner must be very close, standing uncurved, shoulders perpendicular to the table or to the floor mat, verify the horizontality (table for example) only the two green leds must be lit. Place the Vertebro centered 10 cm below the bottom of the column (speed of the drive to a minimum), keep the handle parallel to the back and in line with the column.

Start: lower to the back, firmly holding the device while keeping the 2 green LEDs on, indicating the horizontality of the Vertebro (always on the muscular part (right and left of the column) and not on the bones Of the column.) During the massage if the orange or red LEDs light, press lightly on the side of the orange or red light to restore the 2 green lights (indicating that the vertebra is reset). Along the column, from bottom to top, at a speed of one millimeter per second. For the red light, you have to repeat the manipulation 6 times at the rate of 1 day out of 2 to allow time for your body to understand that it has to retain the nerves in their place and to maintain them.

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