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Dr. Anne Catherine Passaquin

Anne-Catherine Passaquin

Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Neurobiology, expert at the European Commission, she has led research groups for 15 years in the USA, France and Switzerland.

Passionate about employment, innovation and entrepreneurship, she took management courses in Paris and at EPFL. With the support of the Swiss government, she founded and managed the SwissBooster professional integration association at EPFL, with a return rate of 70%.

Fascinated by human potential, she is a certified Human Element® coach by Will Schutz and Implicit Career Search® by Steve Miller. To date, it has accompanied more than 100 people, as well as Swiss startups, for recruitment and team management. She runs workshops, advises and accompanies individuals, teams and companies to develop their human performance through innovative, effective and sustainable tools! She will also soon be running cardiac coherence workshops, a method revealed by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber and taught by Dr. David O’Hare.

Personal and professional development courses:

FIRO®: a journey into the heart of oneself.

Implicit Career Search®: personal and professional project development.

Human Element®: optimizing interpersonal relationships.

These practical trainings, in the form of interactive workshops or individual coaching, allow the person to revisit his life line, and to discover the keys to realize his projects in harmony with his deepest being. They also optimize interpersonal relationships in all circumstances of personal and professional life.

Coach & trainer Implicit Career Search® & Human Element® – Business consulting – Recruitment – Team building – Team synergy – Personnel placement – Career transition – Career guidance – Skills reports. I have evolved in the world of R & D and scientific and technological innovation (France, USA, Switzerland, research laboratories, HR, start-up). Http:// I run workshops, I advise and accompany people, teams and companies in order to sustainably develop their human performance thanks to Innovative and effective tools! The proven, practical, and efficient techniques of the Human Element® and the Implicite Career Research® (ICS®) enable these individuals and groups to achieve unmatched levels of cohesion and performance. The performance of the ICS® workshop I am currently running is unique. The largest Swedish fast food chain trains its managers in one year instead of two years, while increasing its retention rate from 20% to 70% for a difficult trade. Canadian employment offices using ICS® get a return to work rate of 78% instead of 31% without ICS®.


I advise and accompany individuals, teams and companies to develop their human performance through innovative, effective and sustainable tools!



Innovative tools with immediate and lasting results for:

Optimize individual potential!

Optimize the collective potential!

Optimize the potential of the company!