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Swiss Back Agency Back Home Therapy

Swiss Back Agency is a Swiss company composed of a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, computer scientists, web masters, scientists, masseur, physiotherapist, chiropractors and phytotherapists and we strive to find the right solutions for your Needs, to prevent and solve back pain. You want to become a practitioner and be part of our team, subscribe to our contact form and let yourself be guided. You will have the task of practicing the therapy of the back at home, with our device the Vertebro and a table of massage with the customer. Once registered and validated by our administration, you will receive an email and sms which will indicate the address of the client where you must honor your therapy session.

Our intelligent therapy devices

No more back pain !!! Here is our new Intelligent back therapy device, thanks to its accelerometer (electronic level) developed by our Swiss company: Swiss Back Agency, whose goal is to realign the micro-displaced vertebrae. Our therapy device are manufactured in Switzerland and have been tested and approved NF, EU and therefore safe for individuals and professionals.


You can buy or rent our device and various accessories in our 100% secure online shop. You have the possibility to rent our Le Vertèbro appliance, if you are a professional by making contact with Our company through our contact form.


Make your booking requests directly from our website. We have placed at your disposal the possibility of ordering a back therapy at home directly on our site, choosing the practitioner of your choice, agreeing a date and time of your consultation and paying online on paypal or PostFinance secured.


Do not hesitate to contact our company: "Swiss Back Agency" for any questions about the operation of our concept and our back therapy device, we will be happy to answer you!

Some testimonials from our patients and clients

  • I did a lot of sport, now I practice skiing very often and I always have pain when walking or small shocks skiing. I tried and adopted back therapy with the Vertebra, a new device to re-align the vertebrae so as to avoid pinching the nerves. since I practice with vertebra, I have more pain what a relief, I practice 2 to 3 times a week and all is well more that relaxes the muscles. I bought them. Cordially. Didier.

  • Since I tried the Vertèbro, I was advised to visit the back therapy site at home for more information. Since I use it I no longer problem, I thank the Swiss company that put it on the walk Thank you.

  • After a car accident, I could not turn my head or lift my arms. After 9 months of physiotherapy my condition worsened. My brother told me about your device to see on your site and After the third treatment I could turn my head almost normally and I could finally lift my arms. Yannick After 7 treatments and 6 weeks, I could resume my normal activities. Thank you.

  • I was introduced to your home back therapy after a bad chiropractic experience. After 26 treatments in the chiropractor, I did not have much improvement in my back pain and my thigh, my quality of life was getting worse. After my third treatments with your back therapy device (Vertèbro), I felt a very great well-being, then I received twelve treatments of back therapy to this day I think I was rid of my back. I can not believe it! I have already given the site link to several people. Thank you! Bruno.

  • After finding you on the net your link, I went visited, I adhered to your home back therapy system, super your device on (Vertèbro) yes it realigned my micro-moved vertebrae but before that , Reading your information on finished back pain, I was very septic. But I decided to make an appointment on your site, I had a backache that came back several times during the year, for 5 years. After thirteen treatments with your device (Vertèbro), I feel much better and I really trust the reliability of your back therapy. My back pain disappeared forever. Thank you! Francky

  • Hello, I always hurt a foot and a back. The doctor told me there was nothing to do, because it was wear and tear, moreover I had trouble breathing, but today I have no more trouble and then I breathe much better. All this thanks to Back Home Therapy! By making an appointment on your booking site, Thank you! Etienne

  • After seeing the announcement of your back home therapy, we decided to make an appointment on your website We are very happy to have met you and to have tried this technique. After the treatments of your back home therapy we feel really better, our back pain, neck and sciatica have completely disappeared and we sleep much better. Continue to resolve the pain of your patients, beautiful work and do not let go of this method. Thank you very much! Philippe.

  • Hello, sir, after seeing the announcement on blogs of your home back therapy device (Vertèbro), my parents and I made an appointment on your website for (Back, sciatica, knees and ankles) After a dozen sessions with your back therapy device, we do not feel any pain any more.I recommend this technique to all those who have pain, to register and make an appointment Christine on your site.

  • Thank you for all you have done for me. For over a year I have consulted acupuncturist, chiropractor and specialized doctors and general practitioners, all of whom have told me that they could do nothing for my chronic back pain. That's when I heard about Vertèbro, home back therapy. So I made an appointment on your site because you were my last hope. You told me you were not sure that you could help me, but that you would do what you could. After three months of treatment, I had no pain anymore, I still can not remember, of course I use the device twice a week. Since that time, I am doing very well and this through home back therapy. Once again thank you!

  • Thank you for the well-being that your back therapy has brought me, thanks to your device (Le Vertèbro). For a year, I was suffering from acute tendinitis and pain in the left arm. From the first appointment in back therapy at Swiss Back Agency, the pain subsided and my arm had more resistance and less pain. It's wonderful "> after months of suffering, tranquility, thank you. Chantal

  • I still had a foot and a back pain, the doctor told me there was nothing to do, because it was wear and tear. Also, I had small breathing problems cause a vertebra that pinched a nerve. Today, I have no back pain and I breathe much better. All this thanks to your back therapy, it's simple! safe. Come visit and book a therapy on the site for a session (Vertèbro)! Thank you ! Willy

  • Hello, sir, it is every day that I thank your company for allowing me to know, back therapy at home, because for several years I was looking for someone who would help me to free myself from my illnesses. Back and hips. After only eight sessions in back therapy and thanks to your device, I felt really good. What a joy to be able to get up and walk without having or very little pain! I have regained my taste for life and my whole being feels an extraordinary benefit. Thank you! In addition,

  • Hello madam, sir, I found the site After having used traditional medicine, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other alternative medicines, I went to make an appointment on the site for a Back home therapy, I had problems in the neck but after five treatments I was relieved and had found the mobility of my neck. I trust life, and this one made me discover the therapy of the back. Thanks to the company Swiss Back Agency for its good care and for the quality of life that it made possible to me, thanks to their therapy back home.

  • Hello, Thank you for the relief brought to my back with the back therapy and its wonderful device (Vertèbro). I had been suffering for five years, and from the second session there was a great improvement and a great relief. Your treatments are magical but so true. Thanks a lot.

  • After at least eight years of pain in the neck, associated with an increasingly difficult sleep, I finally regained a quality of life thanks to the therapy of back and his (Vertèbro). I recommend to everyone this new technique, which is not stressful, contrary to what I might have believed before. I give you the address of the site this method will help many people, yes! Thank you!

  • After three appointments with the physiotherapist it did not change anything, as a friend spoke of the (Vertèbro) back therapist at home. The pains that I had in the buttocks, back and spine completely disappeared. I also avoided knee surgery. After consulting with several specialists, it was your back therapy that did me the most good. Thank you!

  • I consulted a chiropractor, physician, physio and osteopath for several months for severe pain in one shoulder due to a fall as well as for a problem of sciatica and micro-displaced vertebrae, without result. However, after a score of treatments with your back therapy device (Vertèbro), all or most of my problems are resolved to 90%. A big thank-you!

  • Hello to you, I am very happy that my mother-in-law has made me discover Back therapy at home, I do 2 sessions a week, I feel much better in my skin. During a car accident, I had pains cause of vertebral compaction to the spine in addition to my (scoliosis) this did not fix anything. I had severe pain as well as strong migraines, but since the treatment with your device the vertebro, I am much better, my body responds well to the therapy sessions. Thanks to your device (the Vertèbro), my moral health is better, as is my physical health. I will continue my sessions by making an appointment on your website Thank you very much.

  • Hello, I discovered the therapy of the back at home by friends having tried several treatments in soft medicine before and without great result, I had nothing to lose trying this therapy, on the contrary, I gained since The third treatment my pain in my lower back, as well as my pain in the left arm have disappeared. For five years, I had a reduced mobility, which also disappeared to 90%. I would like to thank Swiss Back Agency for the results achieved thanks to your Device (the Vertèbro). Thank you.

  • Hello, since I use your device (the Vertèbro) to re-align my vertebrae, I revisit and I have 80% less pain, my life to change, I do not fail to do sports in addition to My therapy and small exercises. I recommend (the Vertèbro) to anyone who has a bad back. See link of the site if you wish !!! No longer have back pain, for anyone who has problems with vertebrae and back in general. Thank you

  • Hello, you are a genius, I have no more or really much less back pain, whereas it was 2 weeks that I dragged myself, until my knees ache. It is true that it is impressive your therapy, it can even scare but it is clear that it works! thank you very much

  • Hello, I tried your device, (Vertèbro) I find it very appropriate to put back my vertebrae, which have hurt me for a very long time. Since I spend it 3 times a week everything goes well as by enchantment. Thank you for this invention that will revolutionize the world. Bye

Doctors and therapists partners

All of these doctors, biologists, sports doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, have tried and approved our device for home back therapy. They believe in our business and bring their support.

Dr. Anne Catherine Passaquin

Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Neurobiology, expert at the European Commission, she led 15 years of research groups in the USA, France and Switzerland.

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